Major Ravi Film : Prithivraj Replaces Mohanlal

The actor Prithivraj will play the male lead in the upcoming film directed by Major Ravi. This is the first time that Director is doing a film with another star instead of Mohanlal and Mamootty. Major Ravi had planned earlier to direct superstar Mohanlal for this film ‘Picket 43’. Now it has gone to the hands of Prithivraj. It is also said that Prithivraj instantly agreed to do the film after he heard the story. The close source reveals that the actor has also given the dates to the director. Prithivraj is currently busy with his upcoming project ‘7th Day’ directed by Shaym Sundar. After that film he will join the sets of Lijo Jose Pellissery’s ‘Anti Christ ’. Prithivraj himself is producing ‘Anti Christ ’ under the banner of August Cinemas. Only after completing the ‘Anti Christ’ the film ‘Picket 43’ will go on floors.

The film Titled Picket 43 is set against the backdrop of the Indian Army, This is all about a soldier who becomes abandoned in a frozen place in Kashmir. All he has with him is a radio and also a dog. The soldier faces the mental tension , over months without any contacts , but he manages to come out of his mental imbalance and is trying to protect the border lines. On the other side , a Pakistani soldier, who is also protecting his border line, is facing the same situation. The movie tells the friendship between the two soldiers. The movie also has romance and songs too. Major Ravi says that there is no enemity between two soldiers but, the enemity is between the governments. He says that he directs movies to initiate patriotism among the young generations in India. The feeling of being an Indain should be there in the minds of everyone citizen, says the director. He also adds that each of his movies are a gist of what he has experienced personally. He narrates the story of camaraderie and emotional bond between two soldiers from two different countries. Reportedly the focus of the movie is on relationships , not war says the director.