Maunamravi                           Premji - who plays atvaita                                                               "Mango" P.C.K. Moves the image of the company that produces expensive to Sakthivel trimjon film titled mangoes. Premji is the hero of this film katanayaki atvaita plays, and Leema, Rekha Ilavarasu, Manobala, tennavan, cams, TP venkalrav, Lady remake of the film. Music - Premji Songs - kankaiamaran Snehan Cinematography - influence. RS Art - Sri Dance - ajayraj Stunts maestro - Influence Editing - Suresh Urs Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction - RS Raja. Preparation - PCK Sakthivel.   The king asked the director about the film ... .. One scientist will find many wonders, so that he will find many, many things seem strange in view. Once he meets someone Bhagavathar. He was in the year 195 0. The film belongs to the period. A friendship develops between iruvar. Nilaittata friendly mix of comedy and whether or not that say it's all comedy. Premji will comedy so well. Since the hero is a pillar of the club. Anaittukatta the work of the film is over, as soon as the director said at the music launch ceremony to be held style. Throughout the shooting of the film took place in places like Chennai, Kerala. Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite Translator