M Padmakumar’s Jalam

Director M Padmakumar and Script Writer Suresh Babu M Padmakumar is all set to make a film which is based on contemporary issue. The film is based on a picture published in a prominent news paper and titled as ‘Jalam’. The story is based on the true story of a family living underneath Thazhathangadi bridge in Kottayam. It is the heart touching story of a family who makes living with dreams to have a shelter of their own

Sita who lost her parents at the early age itself married a person Divakaran whom she liked when she grew up. They also have a son Devanarayanan. They are very poor and does not have a home of their own to live in. In a crucial situation a bridge become a help for them. They started to live under the bridge. When this got highlighted , government offers them help and provided three cent land for them to keep a house. But when Sita and Dinakar went to claim the land, they had to face lot of problems. And the problems what they face in the process leads the film. Priyanka will play the central character Sita. Jain who played the villain role in the film Sikar will play the role of Dinakar in the film. P Balachandran, Prakash Bare, Reshmi Boban, Sethulakshmi, Alia are the other important stars in the film. Ousepachan scores the music for the lyrics written by Dr Madhu Vasudevan. The cinematography is by Vindo Illambally and Editing is by Ranjan Abraham.

P.R.O is Vazhoor Jose, the film would be co produced by T.A Andrews and M padmakumar. And the shoot of the film is presently progressing.