Love Come to Life is good

R. B Films film production company, on behalf of the fifth film produced by RB Bala "Love Do Good Life," the film. The navtip hero. After the success of the film, the film would never know it believes to be the turning point navtip. Subramaniapuram, Swathi vatakari in such films as the lead heroine of the film. Songs - Na. Muthukumar, Snehan, kanapala. Editing - Chandrasekhar. GV Dialogue - Bala. R Music - makescankar Manufacturing - RP Bala Raj, who wrote and directed. Asked the director about the film ... It is a tender love story. Silly story! Cutcamam interesting script that can be satisfied only when it can succeed in today's younger generation a sense of the kind of directors of this film will prove to have been proved consistently.