London Bridge – A Love Story

London Bridge Vijay reached London with a Student Visa. When he went to London he did not have anything. He dealt with circumstances positively and finally becomes rich. When he goes down the memory lane , Advocate Francis is the only person to be called as a relative for him. While he was leading a lonely life two persons Pavitha and Merin enter his life and how his life get changed with their presence is the them which is dealt by London Bridge. Prithviraj portrays the character Vijay. Mukesh is also having an important role in this film. Andrea and Nanditha is playing the role of female protagonists. This film is directed by Anil C Menon. The film is penned by Jinu Abraham. Music is composed by Rahul Raj for the Lyrics of Rafiq Ahamad The film will be entirely shot in United kingdom . Pradap Pothan, Sunil , Sughata Lena and shine is the other actors who is acting in this London based film.