Live Jam Rocks even

LiveJam Rocks Secunderabad Hyderabad, November 9, 2013: Hyderabad witnessed a musical fiesta on November 9th at Wesely Degree College grounds where thousands of kids and teens thronged the venue, cheering and swaying to some lively performances. This event, hosted by Live Jam, an NGO based in New Delhi marked the finale of their Break Free Tour Hyderabad this year. The BreakFree Tour is conducted annually in schools across India, based on the theme ‘FREEDOM’. The concept is to break free from anything that keeps you from living a fulfilling life; a change from bondage to freedom. In keeping with the current scenario of kids and teens in India, LiveJam meets them at their point of need in a favourable environment (their own school setting) and through methods (music and media) that they can easily connect to. This year, the Hyderabad BFT team visited over 35 schools across the twin cities and Warangal. Some of the schools that were covered where - Oakridge International School, DRS International School, St. Peter's, St. Anns, St. John's, Reqleford International School, Delhi Public School etc. The team performs skits, songs, dances including a brief talk on how to tackle varied issues that they face in their daily lives. This musical evening kickstarted at 3:00 pm with a Talent Hunt competition, which was organized for kids and teens across the twin cities. The phenomenal response set a great vibe to the entire evening which later saw some National and Local music bands putting the audience in a euphonic frenzy. The Guest of Honor, Dr. Jayasudha Kapoor, Honorable MLA of Secunderabad graced the evening and encouraged the kids with some inspirational anecdotes. The event concluded with a breathtaking performance by The Sheldon Bangera Band from Mumbai and a thought provoking session by Bonny Andrews, Founder - LiveJam. Some of the subjects discussed were addictions to alcohol, pornography, smoking, use of abusive language, suicidal tendencies, depression etc. This unique interface through music, art and culture had a huge impact on the Kids, Teens and Youth while many were found interacting with the Live Jam volunteers post the event. The motto of this organization is to encourage these young lives to break free from everything that supresses them, from living a life of freedom. Visibly elated at the occasion, Mr. Bonny Andrews, Founder, LiveJam said, “It is a delight to be a part of this gala fiesta and we have been instrumental in promoting young talent especially urban youth at several platforms for the past 8 years. The BreakFree Tour was conceptualized and launched in 2009 and there has been no looking back since then. Since its inception, the tour has successfully toured 25 cities and the culmination in Secunderabad makes us immensely proud of this achievement. It is great to work towards transforming the lives of urban youth who are troubled with various issues like drug abuse and so on and we believe that music acts as an antidote to their problems.” About Live Jam: Founded by Bonny Andrews in New Delhi, LiveJam has 7 years of expertise in working with kids in schools. People on the tour in each school consist of trained musicians and skilled communicators, in addition to young volunteers. Experience includes working with kids from all parts of the country; this has enhanced the general outlook of the team and helped them understand the wide range of issues faced by teens across the country. One of LiveJam’s primary endeavors is aimed at supporting educational institutions in providing value-based education and value-based entertainment by engaging students through a medium that they can easily connect to. LiveJam has worked with over 200 schools across the country including some of the top schools in the country. For more details, kindly log on to or For further media information, please contact: 9985310069/ 9959154371. [gallery lightboxsize="full" num="12" pagenavi="5"]