Lion Audio Rights Owned by Lahari Music

Yesterday Legend now Lion lucky to be released through Music Audio Lahiri think - Lahiri Music G adineta. Manohar Naidu Nandamuri Balakrishna's upcoming natasinham latest film 'The Lion' Lahiri Music acquired the audio rights of the leading audio company. On April 9, the audio angaranga exposition will be released from the hands of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Shri naracandrababunayudu. This is a picture of the building under rudrapati Premlata jivvaji RAMANJANEYULU eselvi presented under the banner of the film was produced by exposing rudrapati ramanaravu satyadeva director. In the past, Balakrishna Reddy came to a combination of several images to create the audio sales have Sensation. Innalaku the same combination again in the coming movie 'The Lion'. On April 9, the audio naracandrababu Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Naidu was the chief guest of many film, most of the large-scale presence of political figures' Artisan vedikalo be released.