Life of K.Madhavan made to a movie

Kanjangad: In the movie that depicts the life of the activist K.Madhavan, directed by Ranjith,Prithviraj comes as Madhavan. This was revealed by Ranjith himself on the occasion of the commemoration of K.Madhavan. We have all learnt the life of K.madhavan like the lines of our plam. This movie is the fulfillment of a legendary and commercial elements can not be added to the movie. No financial aid is expected for this movie. Ranjith said that the government and the people should be with the movie. Ranjith was sent 1 lakh rupees and a gold coin by K.Madhavan’s brother Barister M.K.Nambiar’s son, K.K.Venugopal, Supreme court advocate, knowing about the movie. The amount was handed over to Ranjith by Rekha, a member of the Kodothu family.