Life is Coming With A Different Family Story

Niyas who was the hero of the film Kshanakathu is coming back. He is coming back through the film ‘Life ‘ Directed by Liyon K Thomas. Kadhavisheshan fame Steffi Grace will play the lead opposite Niyas.

The film Life tells the usual story of the family life. Sudhi is the Business man and his Wife e Meenakshi. Is a software engineer. The film is produced by Sadiq Kodinji under the banner of Shah Media International. The story is also penned by Liyon K Thomas. Sudhi feels that his son should focus more on what he is interested in , But his wife Meenakshi feels the other way and forces his son to be more in studies. This difference of opinion create rift in the family and this becomes the plot of the story.

During this time a girl named liya comes to their life and meenakshi considers her as her own sister and takes up the responsibility of Liya and even started to sponsor her studies. Things began to change in the lives of Sudhi and Meenakshi after this. The rest forms the story. The story is written by sadiq kodinji, Kalasala Babu, Deepti Nair, Devi Chandana, Sreelatha, Master Aryan plays the role of other characters in the film.