LJ Films is going to Release its new film on June 17th. The name of the film is LENS. It is written and directed by Radhakrishnan. Lot of new comers are working as its cast and crew. I Watched the film. I liked the film and it has touched my heart. The film is dealing with a relevant subject of this modern age. I really want this film to be viewed ny everyone. Since the film does not have any famous star cast it should not get neglected. The film has the suspense element which will keep you engaged from beginning till the end. Initially the film LENS will get released in 25 theaters on June 17th. If the film gets good response from the audience then it will get released in more theaters. The film will have a gang of new comers entering the main stream film. I request every one to watch the film LENS on the first day itself.
Lal Jose