Left Right Left

Left Right Left Arunkumar Aravind’s ‘Left Right Left’ is a new generation movie which addresses the main line politics. It highlights the changes brought to the minds of three individuals borne in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. They attained different concepts about communism and they defined it differently. The movie takes us through the political developments of the last half a century. Some characters in the movie exhibit the body language, gestures and tone of certain living politicians around us. Habitual news readers can easily identify the events and situations in the movie. Kaitheri Sahadevan’s politics is blood thirsty. Roy Thomas approves the principles of politics but keeps a distance from the establishment. Vatt Jayan is not at all political. He is after the money and love he lost. They join together due to different situations in life. Some contemporary events appear in the movie. The movie depicts certain stark realities faced by the leftist establishment. Harish Perady shone well as the arrogant Kaitheri Sahadevan. Murali Gopi was living as Thomas with his paralyzed left side. Indrajith has done justice to Vatt Jayan. Lena, Remya Nambeesan and Vijaya Raghavan presented their roles excellently. Harish Perady and Vijaya Raghavan imitated Pinarayi Vijayan and V.S.Achutanandan respectively. Vijaya Raghavan’s Achuthanandan has gone beyond any one’s expectations. This has taken the movie to new heights. The director has succeeded in mixing comedy, romance and everything needed in a commercial movie. The speech by Cheguvera Roy in the meeting of the leftist student’s union in Hindi was really impressive. This leads him to steal the heart of the heroine. Music direction of Gopi Sunder is excellent. The political song in the movie is enacted beautifully by Murali Gopi. The director Arunkumar Aravind and the script writer Murali Gopi are real assets to the Malayalam film dom. The introductory quote ‘the books read and the sights seen in the early childhood mold a man’ itself has given the movie an impressive start. The credit for this goes to the director and the script writer. The lively dialogues and impressive scenes enhance Murali Gopi’s stature in the Malayalam movie dom. The movie as a whole gives the viewer a substance for after-thought. In one word ‘Left Right Left’ is a good movie.