Lal As Singer Again

Actor and director Lal is once again becoming a singer. Lyrics and music by Gopi Sunder. He will sing for the film Last Supper directed by Vinil Vasu.

A song with questions like “Have you seen a ghost”, “Have you seen God” and its answers. When Vini Vasu explained about the situation of the song in the film Gopi Sunder went back to his childhood when he was in 9th standard. He remembered a song he had written and sang at that time. He suddenly composed the song and called Lal. And, the song was created. Two heroes and a heroin reach a jungle, and see some find some truths there. And, they began to sing this song. Last supper is produced by S George under the banner of sinsil Celluloid. Ajayan, Vincent, Unni Mukundan, Perly Mane, Maria John etc. are the actors
in Last Supper.