Lakshmi Rai Wants to play Delhi Gang Rape Girl

The Delhi gang rape incident has shaken the entire nation and still the people are yet to recover from the impact caused by the incident. The sorrowful incident is still being highlighted by every possible medium. Cinema and Television are not exception. As per reports, Telugu film maker Allani Sridhar is claiming that he is preparing to make a movie on the gory incident, while Ramana Gaddam says his film ‘Nisha’ is inspired from the gruesome incident. There were rumours that a producer approached Charmee for the role and is preparing the script.

Actress Lakshmi Rai, who plays a fiery journalist in AMR Ramesh’s yet-to-release biopic of Veerappan, says that she wouldn’t mind playing the role of Nirbhaya on the big screen. The actress is moved by the story of the girl, and her struggle to stay alive.