Kunthapura Kunthapura is a periodical drama which re-defines an era. The film is set in colonial India and revolves around the lives of the freedom fighters. Film is scripted and directed by the new comer Joe Iswar. The story revolves around the life of the freedom fighters of the small village kunthapura of Mysore. Film is set in 1920 in colonial India. The story is structured on the point of view , of the three individuals , Krishna Narasimha Shasthri and old freedom fighter, Gowri Iyer, an Indian journalist, and Emma Hall a British Banker. Charu Hassan, does the role of the Krishna Narasimha Sasthrikal. The story is narrated through the old memories of this freedom fighter. British who were ruling India at that time, got the Archeological information’s about this place from Vasundhara, who has completed her studies in Archeology and have a clear understanding of the geographical details of the place. Based on the geographical information’s, Group of archeologists was commissioned to do an excavation at this Kunthapura village. Finally, British Officials ordered, these archeologists to evacuate entire people from Kunthapura. It came to a level that the natives of the place are going to loose everything. This forces the people at Kunthapura to take arms against British officers. Their struggle against the British officials and the result of this struggle forms the rest of the story. The young person Moorty was leading the movement. The role was enacted by Actor  Bion. The role of the TV journalist has been depicted by Anu Hassan (the daughter of Chandra Hassan,  Kamal Hassan and charu Hassan’s brother). She also has an important role in the film. Priyalal, Kaveri, Rajkumar, Jubilee Raj, Master Mishel, the British actors are Susan Rosh. Victor patak. Lawrance Larkin etc are the other actors. The movie is a slow paced movie. Yet, it has some good moments somewhere. They had shown some unseen and unheard history of South India during 1920s. The story, Characterization and the presentation makes the film so special and good.