Kunjananthante Kada

Kunjananthan is a grocery shop owner in the beautiful village of Vattippuram. He stays with his wife and two kids. His wife is bank employee. Kunjananthan who is always in the forefront to help the natives,but have a disturbed family life. The road extension in the village comes troubling Kunjananthan who has an emotional attachment to his shop. For the project many shops have to be demolished including Kunjananthan's. He is trying many options to avoided demolishing his shop. Also he have to face the divorce from wife. Consequences following all this is the story of "Kunjananthante Kada" Mammooty is Kunjananthan in this film being directed by Abu Salim after his movie 'Adaminte makan Abu". Naila Usha is the heroine. Oscar Winner Russool Pookkutty is in charge of sound recording. Sink Sound is the technology using in this movie. Balachandra Menon,Salim Kumar,and Siddique are also there in movie. M.Jayachandran is doing Music. Script is also of Abu Salim.Alliance media is the producers.