Kolavery An Annoyance Now:Dhanush

The waves made by the song Kolavery has not yet subsided. Even now, if anyone hears the song will begin to dance. But, Dhanush who sang this song and made it a hit is in a fix due to the same song, Although the song was a big hit, it has affected Dhanush adversely now. The matter is, where ever the star goes, the public will demand him to sing the song. Dhanush says he has been bored by this. It seems the public have forgotten that Dhanush is an actor and he sang this song for a movie.

“Where ever I go, people want only one thing from me, the Kolavery song. I am happy that everyone liked the song, but, I am getting bored. I had to sing even when I had a sore throat”, he said.

Dhanush sang this song for the movie ‘Moonnu’ directed by his wife Ishwarya. Though the movie was not a hit, the song went viral internationally. This song was the biggest hit song in 2011, which is now a head ache for Dhanush