Killing Veerappan

We are releasing some pictures of Sandeep Bharadwaj the actor in his role of playing Veerappan in Ram Gopal Varmas Killing Veerappan Ever since this Delhi based theatre actor has been chosen to play Veerappan by RGV, Sandeep has been doing tremendous preparation for his role from the smallest details of how and what veerappan would have eaten to what kind of a psyche he would have developed living in such extreme terrain and in such extreme situations..Rgv says about him "Never in my career have I seen a more dedicated and a more methodical actor than Sandeep.its not an exaggeration to say that he actually started thinking like Veerappan in his head..The biggest compliment a unit member gave Sandeep is by warning him that he could be killed because people might think Veerappan dint die and came back again