Khazana Ghazal Festival And Details

Post Press Release An Evening of Melodious Real “Khazana” for Ghazal Connoisseurs It’s that time of the year again when musical melodies from the Indian Classical genre come together in Mumbai for two days annual Ghazal festival “Khazana”, tirelessly put together by Ghazal Maestro Pankaj Udhas for Parents Association Thalassemic Unit Trust (PATUT) and Y.K.Sapru for Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA). Celebrating thirteen glorious years of soulful melodies, “Khazana” featured some of the multitude of talents including veteran Shri Bhupinder Singh & Mitali Singh and Shri Talat Aziz,, renowned Bollywood singers Suresh Wadkar and Sadhana Sargam, and the everlasting Pankaj Udhas, as well as the young and vibrant Ghazal Singers Pooja Gaitonde, Runa and Neha Rizvi, Shruti Pathak,Tauseef Akhtar & Surinder Khan delighted the connoisseurs. Talat Aziz who made an early appearance and was seen in keen conversation with Bhupinder and Mitali Singh Also present at the do were Writer Salim Arif with wife Lubna Arif ,Designers Bina Aziz, Anchor actress, model Amrita Raichand, and Y.k Sapru and Rekha Sapru from Cancer Patents , Kiran Shantaram ,Pankaj Udhas Wife Farida Udhas and Doughter s Nayaab & Rewa Udhas. The programme was graced by Veteran as well as Young musicians including Pandit Ronu Muzumdar , Rakesh Chaurasia, Gino Banks, Satyajit Talwalkar and Sayali Talwalkar, Suchi Das and Sheldon D'Silva. From 2002 Pankaj Udhas brought together his fellow ghazal singers under the umbrella of Khazana to raise funds for the aid of cancer and thalassemia patients. Khazana has always sought to recognize stalwarts from the field. This year Khazana Ghazal Festival was dedicated to Ghazals and Nazms in 100 yrs of Indian cinema. On this special occasion all artist s has created a retrospective of ghazals n nazms in cinema by way of a medley consisting of some of the most prominent and popular ghazals and nazms from 1950's till date. This medley presented by a galaxy of artists said Pankaj Udhas.