Kerala in the grip of dengue fever

Fever: Eleven fever deaths reported in the state. Enough platelets not available.

Date : June 14, 2013 | Time : 09:45:00 AM

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Trivandrum: Yesterday there were eleven deaths due to fever in the state due to fever. This includes three from Kottayam alone. Altogether 8170 people from all over the state reported for treatment. There were two fever deaths each from Kollam and Trivandrum districts, and one each from Ernakulam, Kasargode, Idukki and Kannur districts.

The number of dengue fever affected people from different districts yesterday were: Kottayam – 3, Pathanamthitta – 5, Vayanad – 1, Ernakulam – 8, Allappuzha – 4, Iddukki – 16, Trissur – 3 and Kozhikode -1.

As dengue and rat fevers spread, there is a severe shortage of platelets which is a very critical component of human blood. This puts the patients and the hospitals alike, in trouble. This platelet is a component which helps the blood to clot.

As the requirement of platelet increases the blood banks are under severe pressure from the patients and doctors.


Infectious Fever.10 Deaths. Including a small baby.Monitoring cell to work 24 hours
Date : June 9, 2013 | Time : 08:17:00 AM

There were ten deaths including a small baby due to fever. This baby was the son Gifin (4months) of Joseph from Trissur, Chettupara, Ananila. Over 12,000 people went for treatment of fever. Out of this 53 were confirmed cases of dengue fever. Because of the heavy rush, many hospitals in the state stopped admitting fresh patients. Now dysentery also has spread. To control the fever, the Govt: has opened 24 hour monitoring cells all over the state.

More doctors and para-medical staff also will be recruited for the purpose, said the Minister Sivakumar. From yesterday onwards evening OPs were started in all the hospitals and Medical Colleges.

Four deaths in Kollam, one in Trivandrum, two in Kottayam, and one each in Thodupuzha and Moovattupuzha were reported.
Govt: allots Rs: 7.5 crores for fighting Contagious diseases and fever.
Date : June 6, 2013 | Time : 10:00:00 AM

Kerala in the grip of dengue fever

Trivandrum: To fight the widely prevalent fever and other infectious diseases in the state the Govt: have allotted Rs: 7.5 crores. According to Minister V S Sivakumar, the Govt: have not given permission to Medical College doctors for private practice.

Soon Medical colleges will be given Rs: 1 crore for prevention of communicable diseases.. Trivandrum, Alleppy, Kottayam and Calicut colleges will get Rs: 20 lakhs each while S A T and Trissur will get Rs: 10 lakhs each.

All medical colleges, district and thaluk hospitals will start evening OPs. Health Secretary will hold discussions with ‘medical college teachers association’ and decide on the timings for evening OPs. The minister disclosed all these details in a Press Conference.