Kerala Government to come with a Short film on Drug Abuse

Kerala Govrnment is on a mission to create awareness against the growing abuse of drugs. As a part of this awareness Kerala Government is making the film jointly collaborating with the Super star Mammootty. The short film is titled as Vazhikatti and the film would be screened in almost every educational institutions in Kerala. The main aim of the film is to eradicate the drugs and alcohol usage from the school and college campuses. A campaign would be endorsed inorder to create the awareness for the children in the society. The main focus of the short film Vazhikatti is to conduct an awareness among the children and the indigent sections of society who are most vulnerable to drug abuse.

The film Vazhikatti is jointly produced by Mammootty Care and share International Foundation, Shanti Giri Ashram, Dr Vargheese Moolan Foundation.