Kavya Says that She Gets Upset While thinking about the Fake Marriage News

Kavya Madhavan Says that there has been a lot of rumours spreading about her re marriage. And the fake news creates lots of mental trauma on her. Some people seems adamant to get her remarried. She said that she has become a Victim of cyber crime. So many people are spreading lot of fake news on social media regarding her marriage.

She was attending a programme to unveil a mobile application called cocoon to fight against cyber crimes against women.

She said that she gets upset while thinking about a news which got spread about her getting engaged. Some even suggest prospective grooms for her. Some one even posted a picture of a man suggesting she should get married.

She says that a news which got spread about her engagement still make her upset. The reason is the picture posted of the man whom she is getting married. The look of the image almost looked like a villain character of Tamil film. When she told this with half seriousness and half humour, that created laughter among the audience.

In the programme, Actor Jayaram was also present. He inaugurated the International Cyber Security and Policing Conference.