Kavya Madhavan to play Corporate employee in Akashavani

Actress Kavya has signed yet another contract after ‘She Taxi’ Directed by Saji Surendran. The actress will be seen in the film Akashavani directed by Khais Millen. This would be an entirely different role from the ones she had done so far. In the film Akashavani she will be playing the role of a corporate employee . Vijay Babu will be playing the role of her husband in the film. The story progress with the ego clashes between the husband and wife, both of then are successful in their career.

Director said that since the film is going forward with humour her s character would be double challenging one for her. Along with Kavya and Vijay Babu , Sreejith Ravi, Shaiju Kurup, Lalu Alex will also been seen important character in the film. Lalu Alex will be playing the role of Kavya’s father. The shoot of the film has already started . Kavya will be joining the set after completing the first schedule of her upcoming film ‘She Taxi’