Kamal To Buy Ithihasa

The small Budget film Ithihasa done by a group of youngsters without big stars has created history in the films. The film has been done without big stars. Because of this the film did not get screening space during the time of its release. But after the film review the film has successfully gone forward by defeating the big films. Now it is heard that Ulakanayakan Kamal Hassan will be buying the remaking rights of the film. Kamal liked the film and hence he want to obtain the remaking rights . Not only the that the female lead in the remake will be done by his daughter Sruthi Hassan.
It tells the story of two thieves and the incidents happen in their life after a girl named Janaki enters their life. That too the film comes with an incredible tag line .
It narrates the interesting incident when the girl finds Herself in a Male Body and a boy himself find in a female body. The film in which Anushree and Shine Tom has given an excellent performance is still running successfully in the theaters. The film is directed by debutant Binu and the script is done by Aneesh Lee Ashokan. The film has been produced by Rajesh Agustine