Kamal Hassan to release Vishwaroopam 2 on DTH

Kamal Hassan plans to release the sequel of Vishwaroopam, titled Vishwaroopam 2 on DTH. Vishwaroopam has given Kamal Hassan enough sleepless nights last year. The release of the film was delayed in Tamilnadu by a few weeks after Muslim groups claimed that the film’s content hurt their religious sentiments and it was allowed for screening in the state only after Kamal agreed to remove the controversial Scenes. He was also not allowed to release his film on DTH. The pressure was too much and he bowed down.
He said that TV premiere of a film is a step into the future. If India won’t permit then he plans to take the film abroad. He plans to release Vishwaroopam 2 on DTH in the US. Despite all that happened, Kamal Haasan is planning to walk on the same road.