Kalpana To Play Suresh Gopi’s Wife

The Dolphin Bar directed by Diphan and scripted by Anoop Menon has Suresh Gopi Playing the Lead Role. The Actress Kalpana will be seen playing the wife to Suresh Gopi. The actress is in cloud nine as she got the chance to play the wife to the super star for the first time. Suresh Gopi plays the role of a bar owner in this movie. His character name is Panamuttom Sura. He is doing this type of character for the fist time. Kalpana will be playing the character of Kochuvava the wife of panamuttom sura. ‘The Dolphin Bar’ revolves around the story that focuses on the lives of the people who visit the bar. Actor Suresh Gopi will be following a Thiruvananthapuram dialect throughout the movie. This is the first time the actor will be seen mouthing dialogues in a different slang.

The actress says that the specialty and the positivity of this role is that she is pairing up with Suresh Gopi. and is really looking forward for it. She is the daughter of a rich Abkari Contractor. When the beverages business is facing tough competition the wife take care of the family. The character they play has two kids , daughter who is studying in college and son in school. Suresh Gopi.

She added that the role played by her in the film is really a satisfactory one. Suresh gopi plays the role of a person who loves his family but he does not know when and where to speak out the things. She also said that Anoop and Diphan has explained about the characters to her.