‘Kalimannu’: scenes

kalimannu ‘How controversial a human delivery can get’ can be seen in the movie ‘Kalimannu’. When the controversy turned into the picturisation of a live delivery, many negative comments started pouring in. Director Blessy shot this live delivery of Swetha Menon when he was not having a proper script even. The story of Abhimanue, a character from the Hindu mythology is said to be the basis for this movie. But from the news available so far, the movie seems to be an action thriller with ‘item dance’ even. Its production is nearing completion and is expected hit theatres in a couple of months. Whatever be the theme it has already got enough publicity because of the live delivery it shows. ‘Kalimannu’ is directed and scripted by Blessy himself. Swetha Menon, Biju Menon and Prasanth Nair appear in important roles. Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty shows his face as a guest artist. Cinematography is done by Satish Kurup and music by M Jayachandran. Shooting was done in Kerala and Mumbai. Releasing is planned for August. Production is done by Thomas Thiruvalla under the banner of Cherumuttatath films.