KALIMANNU Reply for Controversies

Those who have viewed the movie "Kalimannu" might be thinking whether it was necessary to have made such a long cry over the movie for screening a delivery live. An ordinary movie with a Blessy touch. An ordinary family movie which do not have any sexy visuals or dialogues crossing the limits as in new generation movies. Kalimannu which starts, reminding us that life sprouts from earth,is a movie viewed along with the family. Meera(Swetha Menon)is a actor and dancer in Bollywood.On the day of premiere show of first movie she does the heroine,her husband(Biju Menon) met with a car accident.Doctors insist for organ donation, since he had the brain death. Meera who wish to have a child from her husband,she collects his sperm. Since India do not have the Law allowing pregnancy from sperm of a man who had brain death,she approaches the court, Chanel discussions,religious emotions on the issue etc are the subject of the movie. It is the greatness of mother hood and its humane nature are the theme, Blessy presents in "Kalimannu" through Meera and her motherhood.This movie says a lot of medical information. The growth of modern science,is discussed in the movie ,the way understandable even to an average man. The controversy on the movie started on screening the delivery of Swetha Menon. But in those scenes Blessy is presenting to the world the real pain a woman undergoes while giving birth to a child.There is nothing vulgar or unnatural.The scene which takes less than three minutes ,can be viewed along with family. What "Kalimannu" is lacking is the story sequencing which involves the viewer completely to a story.While the movie projects the humanity of mother hood ,it shrinks to the usual feminist attitudes of cinema towards the end. Swetha Menon many times failed to maintain the tempo of acting.In some scenes she is at her best of performance but some time she looks as if just sparing her time. Biju Menon in his hero role and Suhasini as the best friend of Meera did their roles well. The second half of the movie gives the impression of a documentary.In the movie there is a search to find what makes a person what he is.The movie also discuss on the plight of the country which once gave woman a divine status.IN a society where molestations and gang rape happens, Blessy is trying to have a look into ourselves. For the movie in which Blessy did the story and script,Sameera Sathish added beauty of costumes.Good music and cinematography are plus points to the movie. The lyrics of O.N.V and music of M.Jayachandran are by now near to heart of the people.Those who were against Swetha Menon may have a rethinking after viewing the movie, because only Swetha is dare enough to be the Meera in "Kalimannu".It is equally true that only Blessy can do a movie like "Kalimannu"