K S Ravikuar and Sudeep team up

Ravi Kumar - Indiamovies Agreement has been signed between producre Soorappa Babu and Tamil Director K S Ravikumar on Tuesday for the new film being made in Kannada and Tamil. Kichha Sudeep will be in lead role in both the movies. Kichha Sudeep has given the dates to Mr. Babu for Kotigobba which will be used for this film. But the schedules are not fixed yet as Mr. Sudeep is scheduled for a film of producer Mr. N Kumar too. Mr. Ravikumar has many films in Tamil Telegu and Hindi to his credit He was the director for Tamil super hits Muthu, Padayappa, Minsara Kana, Dasavataram, Thenali, Avvai Shanmugi and in Telugu he did Snehakosam and Bhava Nachudu . Police giri the Hindi film directed by him made Mr. Sudeep as the actor who has worked with four top directors in four different languages.