John Abraham’s life made to a movie

The life of the artist John Abraham who lived a versatile life is becoming a movie. Roopesh Peethambaran is directing the movie and he revealed this through his facebook page. Roopesh has 3 projects in 2015 and he is now busy with the work of the completed projects. Once he is all set with the old projects, he will soon begin the work of the life of John Abraham. Roopesh said that he is willing to spend 2 or 3 years for this project. Roopesh said that to prepare the script he has to learn the life of John Abraham in depth. The movie that tells the story of the 70s will have a huge budget too. Roopesh had entered the movie industry as child artist through the movie Sphadikam, enacting the childhood days of Mohanlal and then became a director through the movie Theevram.