Jithu Joseph is Coming with Someone’s Script

After the super success of Drishyam, Jithu joseph has already started working for his next project. But different from his earlier films, this time he is coming with a story which is not written by him. He will directing the film. Rajesh Varma will be writing the story and screen play. The director and the writer is busy with the final touch of the story. The cast and crew of the film has not yet been decided. This film will not be a thriller or Investigation based one. The director himself says that this film would be a cool film. Usually Jithu Joseph used to write the story himself. He has written the story of his debut film ‘Detective’ to the latest released film ‘Drishyam’.

But this time as a change the story for the upcoming film will be written by producers . Rajesh Varma is dealing with the screen play. This time Jithu will do only the final touch up in the story. This has been planned to bring a change in the style . the director says that the final cast will be decided only after finishing the screen play. His recent release mohanlal starrer Drishyam is still running in packed theatres even after mohanlal’s another film Jilla got released. The viewers are anxiously waiting to know the details about his next project.