Jithan 2

Film makers began to jump on the bandwagon of making sequel movies. The previous flick would end in a cliffhanger, virtually ensuring that the audience would return to find out what had happened to their favorite characters in the next sequel part. The name which got struck before Ramesh concludes how the character has got pinned up in audience mind. This flick is totally grounded on the science fiction and horror based. The new Director Rahul Paramahamsa leaves no stone unturned to make this sequel much bigger than the first Jithan. Srikanth Deva is working out on the musical palette of the film. Two popular models of Mumbai are all set to make their debut in the Tamil film industry ... The Director Rahul Paramahamsa, a gold medalist in the management studies feel that his education and experience would come handy in the tougher situations related to the film industry such as promoting and releasing, apart from directing the film.