Jigina Movie Opening Stills

JIGINA All that glitters is gold ....is the new code in the film industry. Director Lingusamy , the man with Midas's touch who had made it as a practice to produce and release films of substance and commercial viability took time off his very busy schedule to inaugurate his close aide Director Nandha Periyasamy's next project 'Jigina'. He had plenty of praise for the director as well as the Hero Vijay Vasanth whose earlier film ' Ennamo nadakkuthu' was released by Lingusamy's Thirupathy brothers.' Jigina' is produced by K.T.K for Rahul pictures.' Our intention is to make films of sheer quality and Thirupathy pictures are the role model company for me and my company.To have the presence of Director Lingusamy himself as the principle guest and subsequently switching on the camera is the most appropriate start i can ever imagine' said Mr K T K with confidence glittering in his voice. Pretty and slim Sanea is paired opposite Vijay Vasanth. Singam puli, 'Kumki' Ashwin, and an other important emerging name from the television industry is all set to make his debut in the big screen through 'Jigina'.Nanda Periyasamy known for his penchant for radiance in scripts mantle the responsibility of story, screen play, dialogues and direction. Balaji ranga is the director of photography and Jhone a debutant music director composes the tunes for the lyrics of Yugabarathi. The shooting of 'Jigina' commenced in Chennai on 28th july 2014 and is expected to go on full throttle to have a release later this year. ' It was a bright start and the glow and glitter of the title 'Jigina ' will reflect in every aspect of the film' summed up the Director Nandha Periyasamy. Jikina The golden glint of the present theory is that the screen world. Anything planned, hit the only goal as the acting, fortunate in everything in the name of the director of the links Sami when he opened the 'jikina the new film pooja with the tuvankiyatutanatu friend director Nanda Periyasamy directed by' jikina 'film his own time aside Lingusamy did mention takkatucamipat come Vijay Vasanth huge success of the film 'Something's happening, "released Lingusamy's Tirupathi brothers' company's business. 'Jikina' Rahul PICTURES image is produced on behalf of the Col de Gaulle. "We have the courage to produce quality films due to screen Tirupati ulakakirku BROTHERS tanenkal company Lingusamy they came to the veneration of the first image, the camera being the initiator, which has me very happy that in the de Gaulle proudly said producer K. Vijay Vasanth cast opposite him in a pose Sania katanayakan. The tiger and the lion, 'Kumki' Ashwin, and is currently gaining popularity in the remote display to launch an emerging artist in the film directed films Nanda domain specific story of this film is the story of the Sami, set screens, dialogue and direction. In olipati Ranga Balaji, John, introducing new music director is composing music for the songs of the era, Bharathi 'Jikina "The shooting of the film started in Chennai on July 28. Full range of shooting for this year are planned for release at the end of the film crew. As the name with the most enthusiasm, began resplendent 'jikina "Every shot of the film Strength to the side of the film will be a success, "says the director Nanda Periyasamy hopeful.