Jeeva too starring in ‘Jilla’

The tamil and malayalam film industry is talking greatly about the about to release movie ‘Jilla’ in which Mohanlal, Vijai and Jeeva is starring. This movie is expected to be one of the great hits in 2014. In this movie Mohanlal comes in the get up of a village king and Vijay too has an equal and important role. The latest news is that Jeeva is also starring in the movie in guest role. Jeeva appears in a song sequence with Vijay in the movie. Jeeva is the son of J.B.Chaudari, the producer of the movie. Jeeva has co starred with Vijay in the movie Nanpan. Kajal Agarwal is Vijay’s heroine in the movie. The viewers are eagerly waiting for the movie’s release.