Jeans Usage Should Have Avoided – B Unnikrishan

Director B Unnikrishanan strongly opposes the Legendary singer KJ Yesudas criticism against Women Wearing Jeans. When the medias, social organizations and other famous persons reacted against this comment, this is the first time a person from the cinema field reacting against this. Director B Unnikrishan has expressed his opinion in his official Facebook page. The director posted on his Facebook page “ To Yesudas Sir , whom I always love and admire . I am one of your humble fan and recently I was privileged when you selected my song ‘Amma Mazhakkarinu’ from film Madambi as one your favorite song. At the same time I felt extremely sad and disappointed , when you criticized about women’s dressing that Women Should not cause trouble to others by wearing jeans. Sir, with due respect I am asking you to stay away from making such inappropriate comments. This type of statements does not suit a legend like you.
Man’s barbaric unreasonable logic of women’s dressing style lead to the rapes and sexual assaults does not suit you. Sir, It is not the dressing style of women but the perverted mind of aggressor that causes problem . A woman’s body is her sole possession and no one can lay claim to it. She has all the right to wear what she wants. Any attempt to justify violations against her is totally unacceptable. Please don’t give allowance to the barbaric act done by man against women by giving the tolerance word like provocative.

Being a humble fan of yours, I am really requesting you that you should avoid like this comments in the future so that your legacy is not affected even a wee bit. This is what B Unnikrishnan’s Facebook note ends.