Jayasurya To Don As A Blind Cricketer

Jayasurya-PuthiyacinemaJayasurya is a star who has tested many different roles in his career. He has acted in many films without considering his image as a hero, even in negative roles. When ever he went behind such different characters, he was noted by the viewers. Now, he is all set to become a much different character, Aron of Kochi.

In the latest Boban Samuel film, Jayasurya will don a blind cricketer. The unnamed film has begun shooting in Kochi. Bangalore is also one of the main locations. Screen play is written by Arun Lal who has also written screen play for the film ‘Thank you’. In his first film as a hero, Jayasurya was a muteyouth in ‘Oomappenninu uriyaadappaYan’. Now he appears a s blind. Story is about a youth who has lost his eye sight and still gets a position amoung the Blind cricket team with his enthusiasm for cricket. Aparna Gopinath is the heroine.