Jayasurya is taking vigorous training in the streets of Hyderabad

In the new film directed by Boban Samuel Jayasurya will play the role of blind cricketer. Jayasurya is one actor who is known for playing a variety of roles and always use to experiment with the roles. The actor will be seen playing a visually challenged cricketer . The reports say that the actor is taking a vigorous training to execute the role in a unique way. The actor who is a perfectionists wanted to experience the same in and the actor is training himself by walking through the streets of Hyderabad to live the life of the blind. Even he went to a shopping mall and purchased things by wearing the sun glass and walking stick. The story of the film revolves around the Indian blind cricket team . It is based on the real life story of a visually challenged Malayali youth, who is a part of the Indian blind cricket team. It has an interesting and inspiring plot. Aparna gopinath is playing the female lead in the film which tells the story of the blind cricketer. Lal, Lalu Alex, Balu Wargheese, Kakka Ravi, Idavela Babu, Indian Pallassery, Sunil Sukhada, Kalinga Sasi, Kochu Preman, Nandu Poduwal are the other prominent actors of the film