Jayaram’s Ulsaha Committee will be Released on May 2nd.

After the films like ‘Veruthe Oru Barya’, ‘Barya Athra Pora’ the director Akku Akbar and Jayaram will be teaming up for the upcoming new film ‘Ulsaha committee’. The film will be released on the theaters by May 2nd.

‘Ulsaha committee’ is touted to be out and out family entertainer. The film is scripted by Shyju Anthikkad and is produced by Ajay gosh and Bijoy Chandran.

The film ‘ Veruthe Oru Barya’ was a box office hit. But the film which followed ‘Barya Athra Pora’ could not create box office magic.

What ever it is the third venture of this team is anxiously awaited by the viewers with too much of expectation.