Jaya Surya Is Changing his Look Again

Malayalam Actor Jayasurya does not have any problem in changing his look and shape to suit his characters played by him. Losing or gaining weight has become a part and parcel of his daily routine and he handles so easily . The actor had lost 10 Kg for the film Apothecary within short span of time and executed his role beautifully. Now we hear that he will gain weight for his next film Aadu – Oru Bheekara jeeviyanu by Mithun Manuel Thomas.
Jayasurya said that, Inorder to act in Appothecary, he really tried hard to fit in the character by loosing weight and was starving for so many days. Now for his next project he has to increase his weight and eating as much as possible. He has to look healthy and muscular and want to pump his biceps for the role. The actor says that he really like this change. Now he is 77 Kg and want to increase his weight to 80 kg. This is really challengable as he has to achieve his target within four days.
The actor also told that he always try to maintain a different look for the characters he plays. In this film also he did an experiment with his look and he told that the audience will see a different Jayasurya on the screen. He added that from Mustache to Hair style it is all different.