Janani Iyyer Heroine With Prithwiraj

Janani Iyyer has yet not received an important role although she was the heroine of the children’s film in which Arya and Vishal were the heroes. Even Malyalam cinema did not take her despite her dancing and acting with Kunchako Boban in Three Dots of Sugeeth. Now she is all set to try her luck by acting with Prithwiraj. She is going to be the heroine with Prithwiraj in the movie Seventh Day directed by the fresh director Shyamdhar. The pre-production work is on now. It is heard that Ajmal Ameer is also acting in the movie. Also acting are Vinay Forte and Praveen Prem. For Prithwiraj who is very selective, 2013 was a better year. The last picture was the box office hit Memories. He was also the hero in London Bridge. His first film to be released in 2014 will be Seventh Day.