Jai Ho

Directed by Sohail Khan, ‘Jai Ho’ is an absolute entertainer with a thought provoking message. Jai Ho, starring Salman, newcomer Daisy Shah, Tabu and Danny Denzongpa is a typical masala entertainer. Salman Khan’s long-awaited film has finally hit the screens and, the moment you walk into the theatre, you’ll know this one is going to be a seeti-bajao marathon.. But unlike Salman Khans earlier movies – Ready, Dabangg, Ek Tha Tiger and Dabangg 2 – this one has a social message attached, somewhat like the Sanjay Dutt starrer Munnabhai MBBS.

With ‘Jai Ho’, Salman Khan has been able to deliver one of the best performances of his career and convey a very simple yet a strong message through this highly entertaining movie. The film endorses the belief that even one man can make a difference if he determines to do so. It is all about the power of the common man aka the aam aadmi.

The central character `Jai` played by Salman Khan is a suspended army officer, who is ready to help those who need it. His motto is Create a chain of goodness in society. Hence everytime he helps somebody he tells them instead of saying thank you they should help three other people and them in turn to help three more people and taking the chain forward. . He believes in extending a helping hand to those in need and dreams of a prosperous nation where everyone steps forward to help each other. . Remember how in the promo Khan scribbles on a piece of paper with what looks like a family tree on it? Turns out that it’s his way of making people understand the importance of helping each other.

Salman goes into messiah mode as he rescues innocent children from a terrorist outfit, returns a kidnapped baby to its harrowed parents, writes an exam paper for a handicapped student, and repeatedly takes down swarms of bad guys who dare stand in his way. He’s ‘being human’ – make that ‘superhuman’ – in the film. In between, there is a romance between Salman and Daisy, some dance and song sequence and, of course, loads of action, much of it in slow motion. But that’s not why you should watch Jai Ho. While it is all about Being Human, this is why Jai Ho is worth at least one watch….

There is no story in the film . , please make sure that you don’t go to theaters with high expectations. There is nothing path-breaking in the film. Unlike Salman Khan’s other movies, director Sohail Khan has tried to make sense out of Jai Ho by adding a twist of social cause. However, the USP of the film is undoubtedly, Salman Khan and his larger than life image.

Sallu bhai is 48, but not even once while watching him beat up the goons will you consider his age. In fact, at one point it seems as if his good friend Sunny Deol’s aatma has entered his body, especially when he roars like a tiger…errr…lion…actually it’s hard to figure out which one, but it’s hilarious each time!

We all know that this B-town Robinhood can easily pack a punch and kick up a storm just with his dumdaar dole shole. But in Jai Ho Salman is the superhero version of Rajinikanth. He fights almost 100 goons at a time and when he roars, they literally run for their lives. It’s a bit much to digest, but it is Salman, after all, the only actor in Bollywood who looks cool doing unimaginable, impossible feats

Salman as the slightly unscrupulous Chulbul Pandey (in ‘Dabangg’) was a treat to watch but Jai Agnihotri, as the upright citizen waging a solitary war on behalf of the wronged citizenry is a linear character incapable of creating a lasting impression. The director fails to capitalize on Salman’s usually reliable comic timing and completely banks on the action sequences, which are full of blood and gore. We have seen the slo mo Matrix-style action so many times that they are no longer fun to watch, plus, it is a little disturbing to see that our hero not only beats his opponents to a pulp, no matter how many of them are there, he doesn’t refrain from occasionally biting them
You will be surprised to see a number of popular and renowned faces essaying character roles in the film. It features almost half of the industry’s minor players. It seems as if Salman has taken the ‘helping others’ idea way too seriously and therefore brought on board actors who have been marginalised for a while now. Genelia D’Souza comes across as a handicapped girl and Vikas Bhalla as her brother, Mahesh Manjrekar as an auto rickshaw driver, Mohnish Behl as the Chief Minister, Danny Denzogpa as the Home Minister, Mukul Dev as Denzogpa’s son-in-law, Tulip Joshi, Varun Badola, Aditya Pancholi, Pulkit Samrat, comedian Sudesh Lehri and last but not the least, Suniel Shetty as an army officer. There is also Sharad Kapoor, Vatsal Seth, Ashmit Patel, Yash Tonk and Bruna Abdullah. And as you watch, you’ll be surprised as a new actor pops up in every other frame.

Jai Ho marks the Bollywood debut of Daisy Shah and Bigg Boss 6 contestant Sana Khan. While Sana has little to do, Ms Shah is to watch out for – she is a fabulous dancer and surprisingly has a good screen presence. Her solo dance number in the beginning is indeed sizzling.
Tabu as `Geeta` and veteran theatre personality Nadira Babbar as Jai’s mother have been fabulous. They personified strength and support a man seeks from his family His sister Geeta knows his strengths and takes pride in having a sibling like him. she is always by his side, she does try to keep him away from the troubles but if he is rubbed the wrong way, even Geeta won’t stop him.. Tabu comes across as a fiery woman who believes in making a noise against the tyrants.

Debutant Daisy Shah, as expected, had very little to contribute to the film but the newbie does have a strong screen presence. She may need meaty roles in future to prove her acting credentials but looked quite good in the film.

And best is saved for the last. Any Salman movie cannot be complete if the superstar doesn’t take his shirt off, right? At the very end, Sallu miyaan’s perfectly shaped body on display – that makes up for every loophole in the film, and there are many. It’s a visual treat to watch Khan tear off his shirt and flaunt his oh-so-hot body… that too, after a whole year of seeing him nicely buttoned up at events and on TV shows. One glimpse of a bare Sallu and the crowd starts whistling and hooting till the credits roll.

This one is about Salman Khan, all the way. If you are a Salman Khan fan, then you are bound to blow wolf-whistles. So if want to laugh and be entertained this weekend, go watch Jai Ho!