Jagathi Sreekumar’s Daughter smokes and uses pan masala!!

Jagathi Sreekumar’s daughter Sreelaxmi Sreekumar will smoke and have pan masala. Not in real life, but in a movie. It is in ‘Odum Raaja. Aadum Rani’ that Sreelaxmi smokes and has pan masala. This was told by her in an interview given to a paper. Sreelaxmi has a role that is more matured than her age. The movie is directed by Biju Varma and the script is by Manikantan Pattambi. This is a movie that raises much challenges in Sreelaxmi’s career. This is her first movie. Before there were news that she will be the heroine in the movie ‘Ayer
in Pakisthan’ but then as Fahad had backed out, the movie was
cancelled. Sreelaxmi’s yet to release movie is ‘Once Upon a Time
There was a Kallan’ in which Sreenath Basi is the hero.