Jagadish against Rima Kallingal

Doubts arise whether the elections have affected the malaylam movie industry too. These days the malayalam movie actors have also been into the elections. Innocent, President of AMMA Association has declared that he will be contesting from Chalakudy. Jagadish also has declared his willingness to contest and also to compete against Innocent even. But now reports say that Jagadish will be contesting against Rima Kallingal. This is against Rima’s post in facebook against Sheila Dikshit on her appoinment as the Kerala governor and her comment. Sheila Dixit had passed a comment after the Delhi rape case that girls should reach home before 6pm which later turned out to be a controversial comment. Rima had posted that now all girls will have to reach home by 6pm as Sheila dixit is comin to Kerala, in view of Sheila Dixit’s comment. A respected personality like Sheila Dixit was not supposed to be insulted or criticised like this and so Jagadish will be against Rima in the elections as he respects Sheila Dixit a lot.