It was Required to learn the Mannerisms of Man – Anushree

Actress Anushree is all set to thrill the audience with a different role in her upcoming new film Ithihasa. The film will be presenting an interesting love story. Aushree plays a man who wakes up one day to himself in a woman’s body. She clarified that Hence she had to bring the mannerisms of a man in her gait and body language. Playing such a character is not easy. She also told that she likes to play challenging roles like this. The actress is also doing some fight sequence in the film.
She says that she is doing the fight sequence for the first time in her career.
She says that she had done too many traditional roles and she want to try different kinds of roles for her next films. The actress said that for quite some time she had some routine roles and hence she feels that now she want a change.