It the support of my family that makes me continue in movies: Kaniha

It is the support and coperation of the family that makes me continue in the movie industry, says the south indian actress Kaniha, while taking part in the program Meet the Press organized by the Wayanad Press Club. Acting in movie is just like women working in any other firm after marriage. She also said that she hopes that all women work even after marriage. Her family supports her always. Kaniha was in America after her marriage for 6 years and now she has been settled in Chennai. Though she has been busy with the birth of her child, she has not left the movies. Kaniha is always ready to act if she gets good roles. Kaniha has acted with Mamooty in 4 movies and with Mohanlal in 2 movies. She also commented that good meaningful movies come up in malayalam.