It is almost One year that we got Separated – Says Dilip

What ever you heard was true. Malayalam Star couple Dilip and Manju Warrier got separated. The actor himself has disclosed that their marriage life has got disturbed. He said this in a special interview given to the Women’s Malayalam Magazine

Dilip told that he and Manju have been staying apart for more than one year. It was a shock that the person whom you loves and lived together for fourteen years, suddenly leaves you in the middle of the life . They both had a love marriage without the support of their family.
When Manju Left, the thoughts flashed in his mind were the Unexpected and the sudden blast incident of the Taj hotel and the group of people hijacking the plane , which is flying in peacefully. Many families used to have problems and he never thought that the problems will happen in his family because they were leading a very happy and enthusiastic life together for fourteen years. Dilip told that after this unexpected incident he had tried to adjust with his life .

Dilip also said that Manju was a close friend of his and he can share any thing to her. As far as he knows she is vert gentle and good matured person.

He also said in the interview that he does not like his wife acting in films and he had indicated this in so many occasions. Even He has told one director not to make film with Manju and for that he responded positively that he will not make the film if he does not like. That was earlier and now he does not have any problem and it will not affect him whether she act or not because they both live separately in separate houses now.