Is the film Memories a copy?

suresh gopi

There is a perception that any film get released in Malayalam will be a copy of some other film from other languages. So many people have this thought while entering the theater itself. The social network sites also help our youngsters to become the detectives to certain extend to find out this. . Whenever a film get released, immediately they could find out from which film this got copied . So many pictures which got released in the recent times, like film Bachelor Party also proved it . . Now they have investigated that the new released Jeethu Joseph film Memories is also a copy. This is a copy of 2007 released Korean film “Our town” Both the film deals with the murder series investigation. And the dead bodies will be found in the same manner in both the films . Besides these couple of things , nothing else is similar. May be because his earlier film “My Boss” had more similarities with the film “ Proposal” every one is looking at this film also in a suspicious way. Any way what ever it is , the film Memories is running houseful in almost all the Theaters.