Is Nazria Going to Bollywood?

Mohan Lal, Mammootty, Prithwiraj, Asin have all gone to bollywood from Malayalam and returned. They just made known their presence there. But, only Asin remained there. Lal and Mammooty very seldom go for another language movie. Pritwi keeps each step in Bollywood very carefully. By then, there is another one getting ready to jump to Bollywood. It is none other than our Nasrya. If the reports are correct she will be seen in a Bollywood film very shortly. She has already earned a good name and fame in Tamil and her next target is Bollywood. She is trying her debut in Bollywood in a picture directed by Soy Akthar. More details are not yet known. But, the viewers are of opinion that she might face problems there because of her concern about the way she dresses up and put on costumes. Her new films which are yet to released are ‘Salala Moniles’ with Dulkhar Salman and ‘Om Saanthi Osaana’ with Nivin Poly. She is now acting in the Tamil movie ‘Vaay moodi pesavum’.