Is Nasrya out from Vijay movie?

Fortune of Nasrya was to be constantly in the news with her entry into the cinema. She has acquired a huge fame with her single movie Neram, much more fame than being a television hostess for two to three years. But, there was no time when she was out from the news. Initially it was an accusation about Facebook likes and then it was about Naiyyandi. Then came news that she is loosing her opportunity in the Tamil cinema. The news of denial followed. But, the latest news is she has been rejected from a movie where Vijay is the hero.

It was planned to make her the second heroine in a movie with Vijay as hero after the box office hit Jilla. But, as Naiyyandy became infamous, this move has been abandoned, it is heard. In the new movie that will be directed by AR Murugados, Samantha will now handle the heroine role instead of Nasriya. Amala Paul and Katherien are being considered as supporting actress, as per available source.

Nasrya responded stating that she is ignorant about these developments. No one has entered into a new contract so far and she is trying to finish the projects already at hand…