Is Item dance a ‘must’ for Malayalam movies?

Censor board getting sterner on nudity in Malayalam films.
Date : June 6, 2013 | Time : 10:00:00 AM

Remya Nambeesan, Padma Priya, Lakshmi Rai, Mythili
Remya Nambeesan, Padma Priya, Lakshmi Rai, Mythili

In many of the recent movies in Malayalam, female nudity is crossing all limits of decency. Item dance has become an unavoidable ingredient of many movies. Some social activists have come out strongly against this trend and the censor board in turn became stricter with such sequences. The board was forced to give ‘A’ certificate to some recent movies like ‘Kili Poyi’, ‘Pathira Manal’, Dracula and so on. On most occasions, Directors are forced by circumstances to include such nude scenes in their movies. Financial gain also is one of the main motives.

Because of the strict controls from the Censor Board many directors are forced to remove some nude sequences shot already. Producers are afraid, some of their movies with significant nude content will have to be abandoned half way. Director Rupesh Paul’s ‘Saint Dracula’ is being held up by the Censor Board in the name of excess nudity. The nude dance shot in the deserts by Rupesh Paul for his ‘Kamasutra 3 D’ will also have to be abandoned. Of late, many road side posters have stated showing up the old ‘A’ sign inside a small circle.