Is Baby Nayanthara The Future Nayanthara

The face book world is waiting for a chance to criticize a celebrity to abuse and criticize them. The social networking site is a double edged sword and time and again it has been proven. The celebrities enter social networking sites, Facebook or twitter to communicate with fans and to have good interaction with their followers. While it is a positive side, the negative side is that they are often abused by their own followers. Malayalees are often credited for this quality. Actor Prithivraj and Ranjini Haridas all fell prey for these type of Facebook abuses. Recently Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova was caught in to this social media tsunami for just saying she doesn’t know who Sachin Tendulkar was during a press interaction at Wimbledon. Irate and overzealous Tendulkar fans bombarded social media. It does not last here. They will kill the young actors and actresses by criticizing.

Nivin Pauly was also upset recently for a fake news spread on the social networking site stating that he did not receive the call made by Mohanlal and he was also abused for this. Actress Ansiba Hassan has also been subjected to cyber abuse with religious over tunes and accused her for breaking the tenets of her religion for not wearing purdah. Now the latest victim Baby Nayanthara. The friends in facebook asks the question whether she will also become a Nayanthara in the future ? They also received a picture of her wearing a skirt till her knees. Some one in the site criticized her parents for making their daughter a show case object. And this comment has received so many likes